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As Principal, I would view my most important responsibility as ensuring that all students attending St. Clare’s can reach their potential in a safe, secure and in an excellent teaching and learning environment.
We constantly endeavour to provide high quality of care for our students as recognised by various Department of Education and Skills inspection reports

We are very aware that we are living through challenging times for a myriad of reasons and we are constantly self-evaluating and doing our best to respond appropriately to identified needs. We promote Positive Mental and Physical health and create, review and amend policies to respond to the needs of our school community.

Our students are encouraged by an excellent team of teachers to work hard and reach their academic potentials. Students are supported by our guidance and pastoral care teams and we strive to ensure that all students leave St. Clare’s with lifelong learning skills which will help them on their career pathway.

We endeavour to make the transition from Primary school to Post Primary school a step-wise process beginning with visits to their primary school, an enrolment event held at St. Clar’s,  induction days. Ths process is further enhanced by the contribution of our senior students who are trained as Mentors.  

Over the years we have developed a broad curricunul complemented by resiources whuch in addition to Junior and Senoior programames alo inclued Tansitiojn Year and the Leaving CVertificate Vocational Programme.

In the recent years we have hasd the addition of a forur room extension and an ASD unit. We have been a pilot school for the Digitral Framework and many PDST initatives. 

I would also take this opportunity to tahnk the many parents and students whi have

Mr John Irwin

“St. Clare’s Comprehensive is a gem in the Community and Comprehensive Sector”

Irish Times Guide to Post Primary schools